WiAdvance Technology Corporation (hereafter referred to as WiAdvance) highly values your privacy. The Privacy Policy elaborates on how WiAdvance’s website (hereafter referred to as the Site) collects, uses and protects your personal data.

I. Applicable Scope
The Privacy Policy is only applicable to the Site. Other websites referenced on the Site or the links provided on the Site to other websites are only offered for users’ convenience or reference, and are not covered by the applicable scope of the Policy.

II. Purpose of Data Collection
  1. When you apply for an account and make a purchase on the Site, we will collect your personal related information, e.g., your name, gender, email address, birth date, ID card No., company name, position, etc., so we can identify you and further allow you to purchase or use the merchandise or services on the Site.
  2. When you make a purchase, we will collect and process the data required by your payment operation, e.g., your payment instrument No. (credit card No.) and the security code of your payment instrument.
  3. When you raise questions or opinions, the Site will collect the content and related information you have provided and use them as reference to contact you and improve the services of the Site.
  4. The Site will also collect the data on the device and browser you have used, including the IP address, browser type, operating system, cookies, records of browsed webpages, etc. The relevant data will only be used to provide optimal services for you and improve the efficiency and experience of the Site’s system.

III. Target and Method for Use of Personal Data
  1. WiAdvance will provide its members and customers with purchasing merchandise or services on the Site with the latest product information, promotional activities or curriculum messages by email, telephone or SMS, or in writing. In case of any merchandise purchased, the data will be sent to the payment flow company or financial institution to complete the service.
  2. WiAdvance will register, collect, process and internationally transmit the information on the Site and use the information for the following purposes:
  • For receiving various services and information provided by respective websites, including but not limited to market surveys, questionnaires or a wide range of e-newsletters sent by WiAdvance as entrusted by other enterprises.
  • To be used for the specific purposes agreed by the concerned person in writing, by email or fax or by clicking the button on the webpage.
  • With the purpose of joint marketing, WiAdvance will disclose, refer, or exchange the data on its members and customers to other websites owned by WiAdvance, its partner websites, affiliated enterprises, and business partners in an appropriate manner and within the necessary scope for interactive uses. The aforesaid data shall be properly used and managed, and other websites owned by WiAdvance, WiAdvance’s partner websites, affiliated enterprises, and business partners will also ensure that all the data provided by the members and customers will be strictly protected by the “Privacy” Policy.

IV. Data Disclosure
  1. WiAdvance will absolutely protect the personal data collected according to what are stated in the preceding point 2 with the most rigorous attitude and method, and will never ever disclose or sell them to any third parties.
  2. However, in case of any of the following circumstances, WiAdvance will moderately disclose related personal data:
  • If it is required by a court order or legal procedure, and if WiAdvance is obligated for disclosure, WiAdvance will disclose related personal data to the concerned authorities.
  • The user violates information security, takes part in illegal activities, is suspected of fraud, or causes any potential threat to personal safety, or WiAdvance’s terms of services are breached, or it is otherwise required by law.

V. Accessing, Updating or Deleting Personal Information
  1. When you use the merchandise or services provided by WiAdvance, we make every effort to entitle you to access your personal information and allow you to correct inaccurate information, or follow your request to delete the data not required by law or for legitimate business purposes. Prior to handling this kind of request, we will request individual users to prove their identities and indicate the information to be accessed, modified or removed. We may refuse to respond to the access request which is excessively repetitive and frequent, requires too much technical support or infringes other users’ privacy, is very impractical (e.g., the request for the information stored on the backup tape) or is simply unnecessary. Unless massive technical support is required, we will allow users to access or modify their personal information for free. According to part of the current service operating mechanism, after you modify your personal information, it will take a period of time for the system to completely delete remaining copies of files from the online server, whereas our backup system can still retain the file backup.
  2. If you wish to apply for inquiries, reviews or production of duplicates, you may contact us by email at service@wiadvance.com. We will provide the data requested by you within 15 days as of the application day and, if extension of the operation time is required, we will notify you in writing and the extension will be no more than 15 days. We may charge a fee for the application as the case may be. If you have any questions about our use of your personal information, or wish us to stop collecting, processing, using or deleting your personal data, please contact us by email at service@wiadvance.com; we will delete your personal data and stop collecting, processing or using them within 30 days as of your request day and, if extension of the operation time is required, we will notify you in writing and the extension will be no more than 30 days.
  3. Under some circumstances within the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, we may not delete your personal information and stop collecting, processing or using it in order to comply with legal obligations or as required for duty or business execution.
  4. In the case that the contact data provided by you contain a third person’s personal information, you shall confirm that the third person has been made aware of the rights covered by the privacy statement and guarantee that you have obtained the consent of the third person for authorizing us to use the third person’s personal information in accordance with the collection purpose covered by the privacy statement.
  5. If you fail to offer your personal information or make a request to stop collecting, processing, using or deleting it, it may lead to the termination of your account or relevant services. If it impairs your rights and interests, we will not be liable for continuing relevant services or compensation.
  6. In the event that the personal information provided by you is reported to be untrue, we find it insufficient to prove the veracity of your identity or some other personal information is found fraudulently used or having identity theft or data misrepresentation, we are entitled to suspend our services for you. We apology for any inconvenience this may cause you.

VI. Agreement
The use of the merchandise or services provided by WiAdvance represents that you have agreed to the terms of our online Privacy Policy and allowed WiAdvance to collect and process your personal information according to the purpose set out herein. Your personal information may be processed in the country where it is collected or Taiwan. WiAdvance is committed to complying with all applicable laws regarding the privacy of its members and customers. Your personal information will be handled at least pursuant to the Privacy Policy and the laws of Taiwan. As a reminder, the laws of Taiwan may be harsher or laxer compared with those in your country.

VII. Updates
WiAdvance may revise the Policy from time to time and, when there is any major change to the Policy, an announcement will be posted on WiAdvance’s official website.

VIII. Contact Method
If you have any opinions or suggestions about the Policy, please send an email at service@wiadvance.com to us. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


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