Databricks Unified Data Platform

Optimal Tools for Data-driven Business Practices

 3 Big Data Challenges for Enterprises

  • Data Silos
    The varying formats and structures of data across different departments lead to the emergence of data silos that subsequently impact business decision-making.
  • Data Variety
    Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data are present in various industries, necessitating the use of different tools and methods for analysis.
  • Real-time Decision-Making
    The ability to analyze data and extract insights in real-time has become an essential skill for businesses in the digital era.

Databricks Data Platform-Unify all your data, analytics and AI on one platform

Databricks is the data and AI company. As the world's first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud, Databricks combines the best of data warehouses and data lakes to offer an open and unified platform for data and AI.

As a pioneering open-source technology for data analytics, Databricks seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure and other public clouds, enabling its application with Power BI and other analytics development tools.

WiAdvance partnered with Databricks in 2023, leveraging its extensive expertise in vertical industry cloud solutions to assist enterprises in adopting Databricks' services.

WiAdvance X Databricks Unified Data Platform Services

  • databricks service1

    Delta Lake-Data Lakehouse

    Delta Lake is a cost-effective, highly scalable lakehouse. It unifies all data types for transactional, analytical and AI use cases out of the box, with support for streaming and batch operations.
  • databricks 資料治理

    Unity Catalog-Data Governance  

    Unity Catalog enables efficient data discovery, governance, and collaboration, allowing enterprises to effectively organize, access, and analyze their vast amounts of data.
  • databricks 資料工廠

    Azure Data Factory-Data Integration

    Azure Data Factory enables organizations to easily orchestrate ETL workflows across multiple data sources, such as databases, files, and APIs. This simplifies and streamlines the data integration process.
  • databricks 多資料來源整合管理

    Fivetran-Data Movement

    Fivetran offers automated data integration, connecting CRM, Google Analytics, and social media platforms. Empowering enterprises to make decisions with accurate insights.
  • databricks 資料資產分析與呈現

    Dashboard-Data Visualization

    Dashboards empower data analysts and decision-makers to extract actionable insights, and effectively communicate findings by presenting data in a visually engaging and interactive format.
  • databricks 資料分析

    MLFlow-Data Versioning

    MLflow is an open source platform to manage the ML lifecycle. It consists of various components, including tracking experiments, packaging and sharing code, and managing models. 

Advantages of Databricks Unified Data Platform

  • ETL databricks

    Optimizing Data Analysis Performance

    Supercharge your data processing with the Data Middle Platform. Manage and analyze diverse data sources on a unified platform for precise sales strategies.
  • 88921119_m_normal_none

    Reducing Data Analysis Costs

    Leverage Machine Learning and cloud tech to save time, resources, and costs. Collaborate and share seamlessly, avoiding redundant work.
  • BI databricks

    Enhancing Data Analysis Accuracy

    Enhance service precision with real-time analysis of sales/membership behavior and user segmentation using Power BI dashboard.

WiAdvance X Databricks Success Cases


The Fashion E-commerce Brand Improved Consumer Conversion Rates by Leveraging Databricks' Data Platform.

Pain Point: The increasing volume of customer transaction data is slowing down the data analysis efficiency of the website.

Solution: Implementing Data Lakehouse solution improved data analysis efficiency by 70% and utilized AutoML to analyze and label customer behavior, leading to a 7% increase in conversion rate.

Department Store Chain Empowers Consumer Insights through Cross-Platform Data Integration with Databricks Data Platform

Pain Point: Omni-channel retail marketing thrives, but the dispersed data across CRM, GA, and social media platforms requires manual effort for consolidation.

Solution: Streamline data integration with Fivetran, reduce advertising costs by 5%, and enhance sales forecasting with personalized precision marketing models through AutoML, increasing average order value by 30%.

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