• Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    The hybrid cloud environment integrates the architectural advantages of public and private clouds while having the resource reliability and convenience of a public cloud and the data security and stability of a private cloud.
  • WiAdvance App Market

    Provide you with a complete ecosystem of SaaS applications, industrial application solutions designed to meet your needs, and help companies accelerate digital transformation.
  • SAP on Azure

    Significant benefits of SAP on Azure for businesses:Save management costs and increase operational efficiency.
  • VMware Cloud on AWS

    With the AWS global infrastructure, we deliver the VMware SDDC environment for businesses to build a hybrid cloud architecture.
  • WiAdvance Cloud Website Service

    WiAdvance Website Service utilizes the Microsoft Azure platform, which adjusts the infrastructure instantly according to traffic so that you never have to worry about downtime resulting from sudden surges in web traffic.
  • Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery Service

    Data and documents are the most vital lifeblood of modern businesses. Past data and records are what make your business what it is today. Maintaining good business operations depends on 24/7 data availability. The slightest chance of being unable to access data is a risk that your business cannot afford.


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