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Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery Service

Cloud backup and recovery are like insurance for businesses, ensuring that the original data are preserved in the event of a significant problem and that the organization's operations remain unaffected.
Data and documents are the most vital lifeblood of modern businesses. Past data and records are what make your business what it is today. Maintaining good business operations depends on 24/7 data availability. The slightest chance of being unable to access data is a risk that your business cannot afford.

Therefore, proper cloud backup of corporate data as well as even disaster recovery is indispensable to modern enterprises.


  • Professional consultant team

    Planning and introduction of services.
  • Saving business costs

    Replacing the old tape cloud backup.
  • Automatic storage management

    Retaining 6 copies of data.
  • Data integrity

    99.9% service availability of data guaranteed.
  • Flexible adjustment

    Increasing cloud backup capacity at any time with unlimited adjustments.
  • Secure and reliable

    Data encryption allows secure transmission and storage of your data in the cloud, and passwords are only stored on the client end.
  • Multiple storage sites

    Choose to store your data in geo-replication storages at Microsoft data center's multiple global storage sites.
  • Long-term retention

    Data are kept in cloud backup storage for up to 99 years.



WiAdvance Disaster Recovery

Simple, automatic protection and disaster recovery in the cloud. Similar to insurance reducing business losses, it shortens organizational downtime in a force majeure event, achieving truly sustainable business operations.

Cloud Backup/Disaster Recovery Service
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