Accelerating Digital Transformation in Hospitality
NKUHT reshapes the Hotel via Smart Hotel Solutions

COVID-19 has affected every industry across the globe, and the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. According to McKinsey's research, recovery of the hotel industry to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023—or later. But for those hotels utilizing technologies to offer travelers, a customer-centric and personalization service may be the future solution.  

Under the trend of digital transformation in Hospitality, the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) Department of Hotel Management is expecting to reshape its Training Hotel into Smart Hotel. With WiAdvance’s Smart Hotel Solutions, NKUHT can deploy Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to smart up the hotel instantly.    

Customer Challenges

Not only the crisis of COVID-19 is still uncertain, but the labor shortage is another critical issue for the hospitality industry. To survive and thrive through the pandemic, the hotel owners must overcome the challenge of " Occupancy Rate ".   And improving customer experience may be the key to this challenge. 
Also, the shortage of workers threatens the hospitality industry's recovery. The Washington Post revealed that employment in the sector is down by 8.7 percent since February 2020. Due to this situation, guests may take a longer time to check-in and wait for customer service.


To smart up hotels effectively, WiAdvance designed "Smart Hotel Solutions” for different needs. NKUHT Training Hotel uses the following solutions to improve customer service and operation management.  

For customer service 
WiAdvance Smart Hotel Solutions 1
  • Smart Guest experience: Through Image Recognition technology and AI, the front desk receptionist could instantly recognize guests’ emotions and customize the service. 
  • Smart Room service: Using IoT to offer guests immediate access to control the room temperature and lighting. Furthermore, combining AI systems could memorize the room settings and adjust automatically before guests arrived. 
For operations management 
WiAdvance Smart Hotel Solutions 2
  • Smart Energy Management:  Electricity use is a big amount of operating costs for hotels. Through Image Recognition technology, hotels could adjust public area temperature and light automatically during off-peak hours. 
  • Smart Workflow Management: To improve work efficiency, WiAdvance rearranges the layout of Hotel Property Management Systems to let the staff operate more efficiently. Besides, deploying RFID sensor tags to hotel amenities also let the staff finish inventory checks precisely. 
  • Smart Staff Management: Nowadays, data is the key to improving workflow. WiAdvance assists the hotel to concatenate the system from the front desk, guest room to the kitchen, so the hotel could use data to train its staff.   


Data is the key to transforming into a smart hotel. Therefore, hotel owners must comprehend the digitization level of the management system. 

By adapting WiAdvance Smart Hotel Solutions, customers could quickly evaluate and fill the gap in the digital transformation process. Moreover, the digitalized system is also fundamental for unmanned hotel and metaverse applications in the future. 

Get Ready for Digital Transformation

Based on Cloud, Data, and AI technology, WiAdvance provides cloud-based service and vertical SaaS / Solutions
which suit various industries and operational scenarios.
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