Aug, 18, 2022

WiAdvance Partners with Startups and Government for Smart Manufacturing with SaaS Cloud Platform



The digital transformation wave is sweeping across every industry, as businesses actively innovate their business models and migrate to the cloud. Software as a Service (SaaS) is emerging as a flexible and value-added solution in this landscape. To showcase the diverse capabilities of the smart manufacturing industry, innovative cloud service provider WiAdvance, in collaboration with Microsoft Taiwan, hosted the "Transforming Manufacturing with SaaS Cloud Platform" forum at the Evergreen Transit Hotel in Taoyuan on August 18th.

Through the forward-thinking insights of experts, the event aimed to explore the advancement of smart manufacturing and address the transformation and upgrade needs of local industries. By bringing together manufacturers, startups, and IT service providers from northern Taiwan, the forum discussed how to leverage SaaS cloud innovation to vertically and horizontally integrate industry resources, fostering local connections and paving the way for a new ecosystem of cloud services.
WiAdvance, integrating cloud platforms and 5G technology, prioritizes user-centricity in establishing the WiAdvance App Market, a marketplace for smart cloud solutions. Through a collaborative model leveraging SaaS cloud services, it serves as a bridge connecting startups, IT service providers, and manufacturers. Collaborating with local governments and industry associations, WiAdvance aims to facilitate the transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry.

The WiAdvance App Market platform is now online, offering four key advantages: value-added services, flexible deployment, SaaS subscription, and robust security measures. It is poised to assist resource-limited small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in swiftly adopting smart manufacturing applications, providing business-to-business (B2B) value-added services. This initiative not only helps software vendors generate sustainable revenue but also lowers the barrier to digital transformation for SMEs in the manufacturing sector.

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