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Oracle Database

Oracle Database is a relational database management system, businesses can choose different deployment options, whether internal or cloud-based, based on their needs. And conduct data analysis, management, and application development in a high-scalable, reliable, and secure environment

Oracle Database 19c is the current long-term version, providing the highest level of version stability. Oracle Database 23c is an innovative version designed for production use, allowing enterprises to experience advanced features, including autonomous management. Improved multi-model support is offered through the internal JavaScript and native blockchain tables in the database. And upcoming versions will include improved features like AutoML and enhanced sharding for diverse workloads.

The advantages of Oracle Database

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    Optimizing database performance

    Designed with a range of features for low latency and high throughput, meeting the stringent performance requirements of real-time environments and data center deployments.

    Additionally, advanced data warehouse analytics technologies like Oracle Database In-Memory allow teams to perform deeper analysis on scalable data warehouses in a short timeframe.

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    Faster and better data-driven decision

    Customers do not need to move or reformat their data, can build and execute machine learning (ML) models directly in the database using powerful algorithms.

    Data scientists can integrate ML  into database applications using Python, R, SQL, and other tools, quickly grasping analysis results through dashboards.

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    High manageability and security protection

    Reduce workload by monitoring and managing databases through a unified management process on a single virtual platform.

    Simultaneously, Oracle database security solutions reduce the risk of data breaches. Empowering IT teams to identify potential vulnerabilities and meet stringent compliance requirements from clients.

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    Accelerating application development

    Oracle Database 19c offers a range of built-in development tools, enabling developers to quickly build high-performance applications using programming languages such as SQL, JSON, XML, and more.

    Furthermore, leveraging built-in features like Oracle Active Data Guard,  can expand and integrate customer databases, maximizing the availability.

MySQL HeatWave

MySQL Database is an open-source relational database management system. Flexible in both pricing and application,is more suitable for small and medium enterprises。MySQL HeatWave is a MySQL Database service designed for online transaction processing (OLTP), analytics, and machine learning (ML). It can be deployed on OCI, AWS, or Azure.

MySQL HeatWave Key Features of the Service

  • Eliminate complex ETL process
    Eliminate complex, time-consuming, and costly ETL processes, integrating seamlessly with standalone analytics databases.

  • Supply immediate analytic
    Without pre-querying the database in data analysis queries. Because each transaction is automatically updated immediately to the HeatWave analytics cluster, ensuring customers can always analyze the newest data.
  • High-level security
    All data transmitted between MySQL database and HeatWave cluster nodes is encrypted. Furthermore, since data is not transferred between databases, there is no risk of data leakage in the ETL process.


Wiadvance exclusive database maintenance service

1. Oracle、MySQL database migration

As businesses expand or seek to update their database versions, wiadvance provides the latest database patches, upgrade-related services, and consultation assessments. Regardless of the system or platform, Wiadvance professional team can provide consultation and implementation services.

2. Oracle、MySQL database upgrade

With the company's growth, there is an increasing emphasis on and demand for databases. Wiadvance provides upgrade services, allowing direct in-place upgrades without affecting the original database data. After upgrade, you can leverage the new features of the latest version and proactively guard against potential viruses or cyber attacks.

3. Oracle、MySQL database performance tuning

Wiadvance can handle and resolve issues encountered in the operation and execution of databases, including hardware architecture, operating systems, database structures, and performance issues related to application programs.

4. Database backup and restoration

Data security is the cornerstone of a company's operations. Wiadvance assesses the recovery requirements for each database case, designs the most suitable backup strategy to effectively prevent data loss. And offers restoration drills to ensure data integrity and enhance overall enterprise data storage management.

5. Database HA&DR

The availability of data is closely tied to user experience. Utilizing the ORACLE RAC architecture achieves higher performance, preventing database congestion and ensuring the entire database remains operational even in the event of host failures. Combined with offsite redundancy, it ensures continuous synchronization of Redo information and the database through regular updates. When the primary database stops service due to any reason, the backup takes over to provide continuous database service.

6. Database replication

When a company has multiple branches and needs data exchange, Golden Gate is used for database replication. Replicating data between each other in a short period, achieving data synchronization with minimal downtime or zero downtime, ensuring data is in sync without any time lag.

7. Oracle、MySQL database examination

The status and operational performance of a database are closely related. Regular examination, cybersecurity drills, providing various database examination services, and accompaning by consultation reports. Wiadvance safeguards the performance of your corporate database.
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