Smart Business Report Solution

Essential information converted from divergent internal and external data of the enterprise.
Seizing business information in real-time to make the best decisions through interactive reports.


WiAdvance offers BI Platform introduction services to help businesses build a data processing platform so that data storage, structure, and sub-datasets are created per businesses' internal regulations and logic; visualized interactive reports are generated based on their requirements.


  • Various systems and data inventory
  • Data organization and cleaning/ETL
  • Database OLAP for online analyses and processing
  • Database performance tuning
  • Database cubes
  • Data organization based on the final report
  • Data permission setting

Smart Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

  • A single data source to ensure data consistency
  • icon02_datapath
    Data paths
    to maintain data accuracy
  • icon03_dataupdate
    Schedule data updatesto see the latest reports on a regular basis
  • Interactive visual reports
    to quickly understand key points
  • Mobile viewing 
    anytime, anywhere
  • Fast, flexible
    user-generated reports

Values that BI delivers

  • Insight 掌握關鍵訊息
  • One data source 資料一致
  • Self-service 快速產出報表
  • 互動式報表 / 維度分析
  • 即時資料呈現 / 定時資料更新

Features and advantages of WiAdvance's solutions

WiAdvance Technology

Helping you build your Business Information Platform BI Platform

WiAdvance provides one-stop services to aid you in analyzing your existing IT infrastructure and making comprehensive planning recommendations so that your business can transform internal and external raw data into critical information of value to executives with the BI Platform. Department heads and the management can make decisions through real-time, interactive reports.

  • Flexible business model with different services based on client needs.
  • One-stop services, complete with preliminary planning, implementation, and follow-up technical support.
  • Usage optimization management and information security monitoring.
  • Database performance tuning and syntax optimization.
  • On-premise and cloud hybrid architecture recommendations.

Case study Manufacturing

The business had multiple existing systems such as ERP/HR as well as data organization and reporting procedures. However, the hardware cost of the original reporting system was costly and required specialists to develop.WiAdvance has helped the business to achieve the following.


  • Implementation of cloud services to reduce hardware costs
  • Data paths with a unified data source
  • Regularly updated data for the latest information
  • Database tuning to increase performance
  • Fast, flexible user-generated reports

Business operation case study

  • Challenge

    • 原報表系統軟體維護與硬體費用不低。
    • 資料分析使用Excel,程序繁雜,不容易分析。管理階層不易快速掌握關鍵資訊而進行決策。
  • Strategy

    • 建立雲端 BI Platform,使用易於製作報表的工具。
    • 使用可以多維度分析的 BI 工具進行分析。
  • Result

    • 報表由使用者單位製作,並同時進行權限管控,免除硬體維護費用。
    • 製作報表快速直觀,並容易從多維度分析中找到重點,及時進行決策。

Smart Business Report Solution

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