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As an IT staff member, do you also have the following problems?

  • There's not enough time and tools to keep track of all systems/software.
  • Service interruptions are passively discovered through alerts or user complaints.
  • You only find out about service interruptions after arriving at the company on Monday morning and proceed to have a hectic day.
  • You don't know how to catch the illegal behaviors disguised under legal permissions in the company.
  • There are uncertainties over whether anti-virus software plus firewalls is sufficient.
  • Each system, both on-premise and cloud, has its own management interface, which is time-consuming and taxing.

The cross-platform optimized cyber security management service will help you solve the above problems!


  • CPU

    • Average CPU utilization rate for the past five minutes, four hours, one day, and one week
    • Single process taking up too much CPU (checked hourly)
    • Changes in the overall utilization rate of the server group: System evaluation and design adjustment
    • Monitoring whether single process is running
    • Monitoring low CPU usage (system abnormality or service halt)
    • Monitoring the number of CPU queues (too high means the system is busy)
    • CPU procedure failure rate too high (process/page failures/second)
    • Memory leak check (process/private bytes)
  • Disk

    • Insufficient free disk space (according to ratio or value)
    • High current disk queue length
    • High average disk queue length
    • High read/write count
    • Low data transfer rate (disk transfer/second)
    • Slow average read/write speed
  • Office 365

    • Excessive AD login failures (days/weeks/months)
    • High number of accesses/modifications/deletions of shared files on SharePoint (day/week/month)
    • Excessive illegal accesses (access deny)
    • AD account change notification (add/modify)
  • Memory

    • High memory usage (90%)
    • High page reads per second
    • Low available memory (MB)
    • Too many page faults
  • Network

    • High network traffic (hour/day/week)
    • Long network queue
    • Too many error packets
    • Excessive packet losses
    • Operating system heartbeat
  • Reports

    • Resource (CPU, Memory, Disk) report (weekly/monthly)
    • Network traffic report (weekly/monthly)
    • AD login behavior report (weekly/monthly)
    • SharePoint file access behavior report (weekly/monthly)

Cross-Platform Optimized Cyber Security Management Service
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