We help you put forward guidelines and methods to improve utilization rates through factory expert interviews and on-site surveys of factory workflows and conditions with data compiled by on-site equipment.For lines with diverse products yet low in quantity, AI analysis replaces human experience to make recommendations for equipment parameter adjustments, thereby boosting the success rate and shortening the time for changeover trial production.


  • Evaluation of production processes to discover key factors that improve utilization rate
  • Causal relationship analysis between production conditions and preparation time, reducing changeover and trial-production time
  • AI-recommended best process parameters, reducing changeover and trial-production time
  • AI-recommended best changeover combinations, reducing changeover and trial-production time
  • Implementation of Microsoft's smart analytics platforms

Solution Benefits

  • Equipment utilization rate analysis and improvement suggestions
  • AI parametric modeling replacing reliance on experienced staff
  • Recommendations for equipment parameter adjustments
  • Shortened time affected by changeovers
  • Higher success rates on first inspections

Features and advantages of WiAdvance's solutions

  • Background in manufacturing

    We are familiar with factories' problems and their solutions through our manufacturing capability and problem-solving experience.
    • Understanding the difficulties at the production end
    • Offering our problem solving experiences
    • Presenting on-site solutions and measures
  • High development power

    Integrating the Corporation's resources and experiences working with Microsoft and IBM, we provide ample development power.
    • Professional service team certified by the original manufacturer
    • Agile development
    • Resources from the Corporation's 9 R&D centers
    • AI analysis of successes
  • Complete solutions

    Considering the operational requirements of production lines and integrating the advantages of cloud tools, we deliver on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions.
    • Reducing upfront implementation costs
    • Flexible business model to support your operational needs
    • One-stop services, complete with pre-planning, implementation, and follow-up technical support
    • Usage optimization management and information security monitoring

Equipment Utilization Improvement Case study

A copper-clad laminate factory was affected because its products were diverse yet low in quantity and therefore had to change frequently over dip coaters' production formulae.
Traditionally, adjustments to equipment parameters depended on technicians' experiences, which was time-consuming and difficult to pass on.
With the collection of historical production data and AI modeling, WiAdvance has developed a parameter recommendation system to reduce formula changeover time.

Equipment Utilization Improvement AI Solution
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