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You can effortlessly upgrade from services of traditional data backups to a collaborative enterprise cloud service.


Benefits of migrating enterprises’ data to Microsoft SharePoint Online.

  • SLA promises from Microsoft that offer 99.9% availability.
  • One-time migration fee without any purchase of on-premise hardware.
  • No more upgrades are required when the product reaches EOS (End of Service) status; no concerns arise from the supported operating system.
  • Always enjoy the latest features and flexible payment as well as the lower costs of ownership and maintenance compared to on-premise hardware and software.

End-of-Service (EOS) Support for SharePoint 2007 Products 

After the EOS date, no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid support options, or online technical updates will be available.

Best Solution - Migrate to SharePoint Online
Benefits of WiAdvance’s Data Migration Service
WiAdvance’s solution Benefit
Evaluation based on detailed business requirements, such as specific sites, site collections, document libraries, and documents. customizability.
Option to migrate only active data. Old or inactive data can be deleted or archived. User/domain mapping can be done under different domains. complete data organization and migration.
Restructuring even when the structure of the source has not been organized. Preservation of original information.
Upgrade directly across versions. Upgrade at once.
Incremental migration enables conversion without affecting service. No service interruption.
Migration while the source environment is still running. No service interruption
Free aftersales service and optional paid services that meet customer needs. Complete aftersales service.


  • Data migration fee (including implementation planning) based on data size. Pay only for the data size migrated.
  • New storage site with pay-as-you-go pricing. SharePoint Online’s basic group site starts at 1TB. Increase storage at a 1GB increment with a maximum storage limit of 25TB for site collections.
  • Each SharePoint Online user must have an Office 365 account.
  • WiAdvance’s Data Migration ServiceEconomic offer (10GB)

    • 10 SharePoint Online (1TB) accounts for one year (annual subscription).
    • One-time organization and migration of 10GB of data (data over 10GB is charged by data size).
    • After-sales service from WiAdvance Technology.
    NT$48,195 (tax included)
  • WiAdvance’s Data Migration ServicePractical offer (20GB)

    • 20 SharePoint Online (1TB) accounts for one year (annual subscription).
    • One-time organization and migration of 20GB of data (data over 20GB are charged by data size).
    • After-sales service from WiAdvance Technology.
    NT$79,695 (tax included)
* We also provide consultation according to client requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.CONTACT US

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