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Patient-centered digital healthcare services

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    Internet of Things

    Smart voice assistant
    Precise personnel positioning
    Identity verification platform
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    Big Data

    Data integration platform
    Active information delivery
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    Smart learning service framework

    Smart caregiving services
    Automatic smart scheduling
    Active alarm
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    Cloud for Healthcare

    Comprehensive telecare
    Healthcare without boundaries


Main services

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    eHealth 4.0

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    Personalized services

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    Healthcare information platform

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    Telecare cloud

  • Current challenges in the healthcare environment

  • Benefits of WiAdvance's Solutions


Healthcare organizations-oriented: Information integration and assistance in decision-making

Smart caregiving-oriented:Simplified process and optimized experience

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    Smart Location Service

    Confirms patient location, assists in navigation,and delivers information.
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    Smart Caregiving Voice Assistant

    Helps healthcare professionals reduce heavy workload and avoid errors in patients' medical records.
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    Identity Verification Platform

    Assists in patient re-identification in scenarios such as administering medication and injection.

Smart Medical Solutions
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