Sep, 29, 2021

WiAdvance accelerates digital transformation through vertically integrated cloud platforms

Kay Li, senior director at WiAdvance. Credit: WiAdvance
The cloud is often regarded as the key to successful enterprise digital transformation, with each industry having its own requirements for cloud architecture. Once digitization is complete, cloud platforms are the backbone of the enterprise. But if the infrastructure is not set up with a stable and long-term maintenance service, the lack of support will significantly impact future operation. In response, WiAdvance offers customized hybrid cloud solutions that meets the needs of different industries and follows up with a long-term service maintenance model so that enterprises can rest easy and focus on expanding their business and strengthening their market competitiveness without distraction.

WiAdvance is an innovative cloud service provider and a subsidiary of the Wistron Group. WiAdvance is an expert of hybrid cloud, providing customers with services on cloud migration consulting, implementation, operation and maintenance.Furthermore, WiAdvance assists enterprises with deploying cloud resources and accelerating digital transformation. Kay Li, senior director at WiAdvance, points out that enterprises of the past used to set up IT systems in their offices, believing that having data and IT kept on-premise would be the most secure and reliable solution. Yet as the enterprise world entered the digital era, volatility in the industrial environment has caused self-built IT infrastructures to fall short of the rapidly changing market demands. Compounded with the recent string of IT security incidents, and it shows that enterprises may not be able to properly secure their own IT systems against outside threats. All of these factors will affect the usability of IT systems.

Li says that WiAdvance is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in cloud, data, AI, and industry vertical applications. Besides large cloud service providers from around the globe, the company is also a key partner to Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecommunication company in Taiwan. As a major investor of WiAdvance, Chunghwa Telecom is in working closely with the company to promote vertical 5G cloud services and other innovative applications to offer enterprises more possibilities in digital transformation.

Thanks to the company's pedigree as a subsidiary of Wistron, WiAdvance has extensive experience in manufacturing field, making the company both a systems integration (SI) and a provider of Industry 4.0 and cloud services. This is why WiAdvance can provide customers with innovative and localized cloud solutions that target vertical applications such as smart manufacturing, smart medical, smart, city, and smart retail. In the manufacturing industry, WiAdvance has experience assisting its parent company, Wistron Group, with implementing cloud-based production scheduling in factories as well as integrate distributor and supply chain data through a cloud platform. The cloud-based robotic process automation (RPA) will automatically fill in keywords from e-mails into the forms system to remediate possible human omission errors from traditional manual form filling. In addition, WiAdvance can leverage its extensive experience in the cloud to provide customer enterprise IT teams with the technical resources and know-how required for digital transformation.

To meet the challenges posed by the COVID-19, many hospitals are now rushing to implement smart healthcare to meet the surge in medical demand. In the area of smart healthcare, WiAdvance can assist medical institutions in linking the data in their existing systems with the cloud to build cloud services like IoT healthcare networks, big data platforms, smart learning frameworks, and cloud medical care to establish a patient-centered digital medical environment that can assist health professionals with reducing highly repetitive work. For the retail sector, cloud-based frameworks are increasingly playing a dominant role as virtual-physical integration becomes a crucial strategy for many enterprises. To meet this demand, WiAdvance can create dedicated smart retail solutions using secure and flexible cloud management platforms designed to the individual needs of each enterprise.

Li says that while the concept of the cloud has already become the industry norm for many years, enterprises have struggled with the lack of continued maintenance on established systems that have resulted in once-feasible solutions turning obsolete. WiAdvance is deeply aware of this conundrum and has responded by transitioning from a solution supplier to a comprehensive cloud service provider. Its recently launched "Subscription Service" is a business model built on the core of "service". Under this model, enterprises will not need to immediately invest in huge amounts of resources to build a cloud platform, but can instead only need to pay for the service on a subscription basis to enjoy the convenience of the cloud.

As for overseas expansion, WiAdvance plans to combine its expertise with the strengths of the Wistron Group and Chunghwa Telecom to export the service model and vertical solutions to foreign markets, with the initial focus being on helping industry players in the two major markets of Southeast Asia and Japan with building customized cloud platforms. On October 1, WiAdvance will also be participating in the Smart Upgrade with AI Webinar held by the Taiwan Excellence to present the possibilities of the 5G enterprise network when integrated into smart factories. Interested audiences should head over to the event website to learn how the Taiwanese industry can help your company expand into the global market by utilizing the amazing business opportunities of digital applications!

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