Oct, 08, 2021

‘Taiwan Excellence’ showcases smart upgrade with Taiwanese AI technology

“Taiwan Excellence,” the international promotional campaign run by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), hosted a webinar last Oct. 1 showcasing together how Taiwan’s AI technology can improve the world we live in.

AI solutions have gradually been applied in various fields such as smart medical care, smart traffic tolling, and smart manufacturing. Taiwan’s AI industry is seizing upon market trends and the opportunities they provide to develop more integrated, expandable, and customized products, which will implement smarter life through comprehensive smart information management. During the webinar, top Taiwanese brands — Acer Medical, AI3, AVer, FETCi, imedtac and WiAdvance demonstrated their latest products and shared the trend of AI solutions.


Acer Medical applies AI technology to its VeriSee DR solution, which could analyze retinal fundus images for signs of diabetic retinopathy (DR), to assist doctors in diagnosing patients in early stages. The performance of VeriSee DR is similar to that of ophthalmologists with a referral accuracy rate of 93%. After implementing VeriSee DR, Taichung Veterans General Hospital found that the speed and the accuracy of diagnosis was greatly improved, and the referral specificity of DR increased from 50% to 84%.

The research team of AI3 developed new-generation service robots with deep learning and AI technology, and was recognized for winning the “Civil Affairs ChatBot Competition,” held by the Taipei City Government in 2017. The team has conducted research in the CRM field for many years and applied the core technology of AI to the QbiAI Omni-channel smart customer service platform consisting of three products: the QbiBot, QbiCRM and QbiAI. This platform provides consumers with precise interactive services and has been widely adopted in the e-commerce, financial and logistics industries.

AVer DL30 distance learning tracking cameras with the built-in human detection AI technology can automatically focus, move and track teachers without the need to wear a sensor. Three tracking modes can be set according to the situations, including Presenter Mode, Zone Mode and Hybrid Mode. With DL30, teachers can concentrate on their teaching, and the students will not miss the course content.

The RFID All Electronic Toll Collection System of FETCi in Taiwan was the world’s first successfully shift from toll collection with manual fix-point toll gates to a Multi-Lane Free-Flow electronic toll collection system. By applying AI technology, even when vehicles might change lanes at high speeds, tolling accuracy rate still exceeds 99.99%, which showcases Taiwan excellent technology.

Imedtac utilizes Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology in their Care Recipient Monitor solution to oversee care recipients while protecting their privacy. ToF technology calculates the distance between the sensor and the object using infrared rays. Applying their proprietary AI algorithm to the ToF sensor data, imedtac’s solution can determine the care recipient’s positions around the bed and issue warnings to caregivers for any emergencies. The Care Recipient Monitor solution not only ensures care recipients’ safety, but also improves caregivers’ work efficiency.

Focus on clouds, data, and AI, WiAdvance is an expert hybrid cloud providing customers with services of cloud migration consulting, implementation and next-generation managed services. It has a wealth of extensive experience in manufacturing field, making the company strong in systems integration (SI), Industry 4.0, and cloud services. Combining the advantages of the Wistron Group and Chunghwa Telecom, WiAdvance has successfully demonstrated how 5G enterprise private networks boost smart manufacturing.

Taiwan Excellence will keep encouraging Taiwanese companies to apply AI technology with innovative energy to continue and ensure progress. 

Reference Information:BusinessWorld
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