Dec, 06, 2021

The 9th CIAT Accelerator's Demo Day shows a great achievement of industry’s prosperity.Promote $60M LOI to startups.

The largest Co-Prosperity Industry Demo Day of the year was held online on December 1.

Cloud Computing & IoT Association in Taiwan and StarFab Accelerator successfully hosted the first Online Demo Day (9th) on 12/1. Four VC mentors (CDIB、Hive Ventures、ITIC、NASME) and seven corporate mentors (Chunghwa Telecom、Delta Electronics、Far EasTone Telecom、Inventec、ITRI、SYSCOM、WiAdvance) have partnered with 10 startups. They demonstrate innovation and promote $60M LOI to startups on Demo Day (9th) !  

ioNetworks wins 1st Corporate Innovation Award !

ioNetworks is a leading startup company providing algorithm to embedded chips and corporate level AI solutions.

3J IOT, ioNetworks, mLAB and AIWin win Investment Award!

3J IOT is one of a few startups capable of hardware design, firmware/SaaS software development & mobile APP R&D. Their main business focus on smart street controllers and IIoT solutions.

ioNetworks is a leading startup company providing algorithm to embedded chips and corporate level AI solutions.

Millilab Co., Ltd. found from 21th Jan. 2019. They focus on mmWave radar total solution developement. The applications include surveillance, industry and medical fields.

AIWin Tech. is the provider of AI solutions for smart factories. They provide Domain AI SaaS to make customers to have their own AI easily.

AIdea wins Popularity Award !

AIdea enable medium-sized enterprises to turn their domain know-how into AI solutions for sustainable purpose with the AI modules from global talents.

Reference Information:StarFab
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