Features and advantages

Smart Medical Image Annotation Platform Solution

This solution can stream and integrate various medical images on the platform. Its AI annotation framework generates real-time annotated reminders and alerts on surgical images to aid doctors in identifying and interpreting specific lesions.

Smart image annotation and analysis platform

Technical support tools for AI modeling, such as inference and model training

On-premise/cloud image offices

On-premise and cloud image permission management, browser playback, real-time streaming, cloud storage, video download, case study sharing, etc.

Intuitive touch interface

The interface simplifies the workflow and increases the ease of use.

Seamless integration of medical images and physiological data

Real-time medical image timeline integration

This system can simultaneously receive signals from various medical devices, integrate the timelines of real-time medical images into a single video file, and save the images on the same timeline separately. It supports screen switching, picture-in-picture, dual-screen, and quadruple screen adjustment. Users can adjust the screen configuration no matter how they want to integrate medical images and physiological data seamlessly.
  • Intra-operative dynamic image integration system
  • Simultaneous timeline integration of dynamic images and physiological values
  • Streaming and recording of surgical demonstrations

Smart medical image annotation platform

AI annotation platform interface

The system connects to the existing PACS system to import images for annotation (Annotation Tool). The annotated images can be used to train AI models via inference, which will automatically annotate images (Auto Annotation).

‧ Image streaming  ‧ Dynamic annotation 
‧ DICOM support  ‧ Image configuration
This solution can be developed in conjunction with projects, specialist physicians, and hospital departments. Its applications are extendable to assisting preoperative discussions, intraoperative AI interpretation, and postoperative medical analyses. These services can be promoted by software subscription.

Smart Medical Image Annotation
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